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Sunday, 8 November 2015

October 2015

Emma Conquest - Addiction
Strange Boutique - The Kindest Words
Descendants of Cain - Possession
The Cure - The Upstairs Room
Film Noir - Drowned Kiss
Trouble Fait - Ausbruch
Subterfuge - Darkland Awakening
Dawn Of Elysium - Smoke And Mirrors (Cruel Britannia Goth Mix)
The Cult - Big Neon Glitter
Virgin Prunes - Walls of Jericho
Fangs on Fur - Blood on the Sand
Kill Your Boyfriend - Chester
Living in Texas - Tumbing Values
Stiff Kittens- Happy Now


September 2015 - Sacrosanct special

Featuring every band that played the 2015 Sacrosanct weekend in Reading:

Grooving in Green - Stranglehold
N:UN - Scorpio Rising
Horror Vacui - Everytime
Age of Heaven - Behind Walls
Drama Queen - Echoes
Winter Severity Index - Severity
The Stompcrash - Bloodnever
October People - This Dream of Yours
Long Night - Winter
The Last Cry - Virtual Fix
Yabanci - The Covenant
Last Dusk - Absence
Whispers in the Shadow - A Song for the Radio
The Last Dance - Mesmerize